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Domain Name Disputes in Russia

Our lawyers specialize in domain name disputes and other legal aspects of domain names, such as:

  • domain names purchase (with and without web-site),
  • domain names lease,
  • protection of the domain names and brands therein, analyze of risks of owning a specific domain name and using it in a specific way (with consideration of Russian public law requirements and other person's intellectual property rights, including rights to a name, trademark and other protected designations).

Our law firm offers a free preliminary advice on your chances and ways of protecting your designation in a domain name or against the owner of a registered domain name containing your brand.

We work out a strategy considering individual aspects of your domain name dispute, so that it suit you most efficiently, reliably and cost effectively (with the accent at two first criteria).

Therefore, our lawyers settle most of the domain name disputes amicably. Closing it with the successful transfer of a disputable domain name to our client. Our strategy does not leave a chance to an infringer.

Still, if the domain name owner is not reasonable enough to cease a breach at a stage of negotiations, we will secure your interests in a dispute at the next stage be it UDRP or other administrative procedure or litigation.

NB. WHOIS in Russian zone domain names (.RU, .SU, .) is different from the international ones it does not reveal contact information, usually it's merely the name of organization or "private person" in case the domain name is registered by a private person. And Russian domain name registers do not reveal the domain name owner's information even on request of a trademark holder. The easiest way out of possible would be the Russian attorney request the next is only request of a court or other state body. We are happy to assist you with the former. And we certainly do it necessarily when we take your dispute for our resolution.

Let our law firm know about your legal issues in a domain name sphere, and our lawyers will advise on the services that would best meet your needs and the costs involved.


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