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Search in online database of trademarks registered in Russia

Our Law Firm has an access to online database of trademarks registered in Russia (Russian Trademark Office database of registered trademarks).

If you need information on any trademark or whether you need to check if a specific designation or its forms are registered as a trademark in Russia, this is possible to do without ordering expensive legal services,as our law firm regards this trademark search service as a technical, not legal, service.

The information will be provided to you from the official Russian Trademark Office's register of trademarks in Russia in a convenient form (Microsoft Word - doc or Adobe Acrobat - pdf) and will contain all general fields of information on the trademark.
Explanation to the first field of information on the trademark: green color means that trademark is still protected, black color means it is not protected at the moment (eg, due to the end of registration period), red color means that "To the date GIVEN registration period is over".

Terms of trademark search service.

For one exact term query, if a search result does not exceed 10 trademark registrations, you pay 20-30 euros (result is provided within 2-5 days) or 70-100 euros (result is provided within 1 day). If the result for your query exceeds 10 trademark registrations, price for the service may rise correspondingly. The search is conducted only in the trademark database containing Russian trademark registrations. International trademark registrations (including Russia) are ignored, because international trademarks is a separate database. If you need a search in both trademark databases, you should specify it in your order (will be billed as two searches).

The search result is provided as is, which means it is in Russian (translation should be agreed and will cost extra), it is not filtered or changed by our lawyers in any way, nor is it commented.
Should you need our legal advice on the trademark search results or any advice on trademark law, it will be provided by our lawyers at extra fee.

The costs for the trademark search services may vary depending on:

  • the quantity of queries,
  • the accuracy of your order,
  • the urgency of the order.

If you become a constant client for trademark search services, you will be provided with considerable discounts (a cost for one query may be cut down to 10-20 euros).

NB. This trademark search service is not a legal service and does not include legal advice, which explains the cheap costs. The service is provided to assist you in obtaining the information from the Russian trademarks database and the prices are to justify our time expanses for your order.

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