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Internet Law. Legal services

Our lawyers specialize in legal aspects of Internet activity, internet technology law. Our law firm will render you high quality legal services: legal advice, documents drafting (including Terms of Use, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Notice & Takedown Procedure, etc.), due diligence of your Internet project or firm, legal support on Internet project sale or acquisition, advising and deciding on other aspect of Internet law.

If you plan to start up a new Internet project with its services in Russia, it is highly recommended to act with the prior legal advice and support. Especially considering recent laws, coming one after another, amending copyright rules, expanding control over mass media, communications and Internet.

If you confide your Internet project to our law firm, you will get a whole and detailed overlook, including:

  • a) pointing of real and potential risks,
  • b) possible ways to either exclude or minimize such risks,
  • c) legal scheme for your project which can best meet your requirements and expectations, if you need one. We will draft all the documents required for the most safe activity.

We have a great expertise in supporting Internet projects acquisition and there is a great deal of various aspects to consider, connected not only with the peculiarities of Russian laws, but also with the usual practice and possible bad faith behavior either of the seller or his contractors. We will make sure your bargain runs safe, as agreed and expected.


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